Shoefresh was originally launched and niche marketed to Tenpin Bowling Centres to cater for their high use / quick turn around hire shoes used in bowling. These special imported leather shoes needed sanitising and deodorising quickly for use by the next customers. Shoes need to be cleaned and dry for customer comfit, plus the addition of a fungal barrier inhanced the products merit in this enviroment. Shoefresh is sold to these clients in a large commercial aerosol can ( 500mls / 300gms ) by cartons of 12cans, 6 cans, and 3 cans.

Shoefresh is now being sold and used in several other enviroments, the hirers of Rollerblades, Ice Skates, and Ski Boots. Wall Climbing Shoes, Mini Golf and Golf Club Hire ( handles and shoes ) and can be used for costum hire, particularly leather wear. Other uses include Work Boots, Gumboots, and Safety Vests.

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